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access to justice

What is Access to Justice?

If an alien dropped into your next committee meeting and asked “what is access to justice?”, how would you answer? Would you describe it as a movement? A desired outcome? A state, or a privilege someone holds? Many would say it’s a problem we’re trying to solve. But if we hope to solve this problem,…

lawyer unaware of the professional blindspots around them
Professional Objectives

Legal Issue Spotting vs Professional Issue Spotting

Lawyers are trained to spot legal issues for their clients. It’s what you’re bred to do, and if you’re like most lawyers out there, you do it well. AvvyPro was built to spot professional issues, for lawyers. Most lawyers are busy working all day spotting issues and mitigating risk for clients, so they can sometimes…

client experience

Resource Article: Best Practices: Solicit and Respond to Client Feedback

Many firms mistakenly assume that clients will automatically speak up when they’ve got a complaint. Not so. All too often, the client just goes away without saying a word. “Often, I am asked my opinion about the single most effective marketing strategy a law firm can implement. Without exception, the answer is, “Ask your clients…

client experience

Resource Article: Law Firm Client Relations: How To Get Client Feedback That You Can Use

Existing clients can provide valuable information about your law firm and the legal services you provide. Tapping into that information can help you improve your business and attract more clients. “Get the data you need about your law firm, make getting client feedback a part of your process.” https://abovethelaw.com/small-firm-center/2016/11/law-firm-client-relations-how-to-get-client-feedback-that-you-can-use/ This resource is included in AvvyPro’s…

Good riddance to the drudgery of legal document generation
AI | client experience

Good riddance to the drudgery of legal document generation

The legal profession finds itself amidst a transformation of work, driven by the emergence of new AI players and technology in the field. For some, this technological influx offers respite from the more routine aspects of their practice. However, for others, it signals stiff competition, given that these routine tasks used to constitute a significant…

Why the Model Professional Rules for Lawyers are Difficult to Implement

Why the Model Professional Rules for Lawyers are Difficult to Implement

In a perfect world, all lawyers would follow 100% of the Code of Conduct, 100% of the time. Why doesn’t that happen? The key to successful implementation of the Code by working lawyers is to translate it into a set of outcome-based objectives. And under each of those objectives is nested a set of supporting practices, which…