Preparing to exceed the expectations of tomorrow’s clients

As a legal service provider addressing the needs of the largest underserved sector of the legal market, the team at Everyone Legal Clinic wanted real-time visibility and quantitative analysis of today’s client service experience, to quickly adapt and evolve it into an experience that exceeds the expectations of tomorrow’s future clients.

Time constraints demand ELC prove their innovative business model relatively quickly. This means the traditional once a year client satisfaction survey, or occasional ad-hoc “how are we doing?” inquiries will simply not be enough.

The Everyone Legal Clinic team wants:

  • An ‘always open’ channel for client feedback at any point during or after the engagement.
  • Client anonymity, to promote honest feedback and spare clients the awkwardness if their experience wasn’t 100% perfect (is it ever?).
  • Easy-access dashboards that display client experience data for each legal professional in the organization, to learn from in real-time and get better on each engagement.
  • A dashboard of aggregate organization-wide client experience data for leadership and management teams, to inform service strategy and organizational decision-making in an evidence-guided fashion.
  • Narrative-based testimonials from clients on the positive aspects of their service experience, for use in marketing and other promotional activities. 
  • An easy to use and administer tool that doesn’t drain time or resources from the organization.

AvvyPro delivers 

Each legal professional has a permanent client feedback channel (i.e., a custom URL link), such as This link is made available to all clients and contains a short, 30 second, fully anonymous experience survey. Legal professionals can view survey data as soon as it comes in, on a dashboard showing trends and other valuable insights. ELC management gets a similar dashboard showing the aggregate results, to inform and reduce decision-making uncertainty and risk.

This solution is provided at a competitive monthly rate based on the number of active users, with no set-up fees or long-term commitments, and cancelable at any time.

The outcome is an easy and affordable client feedback solution that Everyone Legal Clinic is using to evolve their legal service delivery into something better for each new client they serve.