What would the impact be to your legal practice if you received a public client complaint?

It's hard to know for sure, but if your reputation is important, it could be significant
4 out of 5 lawyers will get a malpractice complaint over their career, according to the ABA. Most of those will be otherwise good lawyers who missed a simple professional requirement.
But complaints are complaints, and they cause damage to otherwise good professional reputations.

Professional self-assessments reduce complaints against lawyers by 60%

But many of those same lawyers don’t know there's a single action that can cut their chance of drawing a complaint by more than half, which is taking a professional self-assessment made exclusively for lawyers.
It’s a low risk investment with a high-value outcome – a statistically validated layer of protection around your reputation.

The leading self-assessment platform for high-performing lawyers

Lower complaints is the reason several legal regulators across North America use AvvyPro to publish self-assessment programs to the lawyers in their jurisdictions. But why wait for yours? We’ve made our lawyer self-assessment platform available to anyone who wants to lower risk to their practice now.
AvvyPro provides best practices and resources on:
  • Trust accounting
  • Anti money laundering
  • Inadvertent disclosure
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Fee disputes
  • Filing systems
  • Time management
  • Avoiding fraud
  • Conflicts processes
  • Succession planning and much more.

Firms, Associations, Regulators

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How it Works

AvvyPro uses a simple 1-5 self-assessment scale across a series of 27 professional objectives and supporting best practices. The platform then analyzes the lawyer’s score profile to identify the highest priority areas requiring attention.
AvvyPro then scans a library of professional learning resources provided by leading regulators, bars, and practicing lawyers, and curates a customized list for the lawyer based on their priorities.
Highly relevant, quality resources tailored exclusively for each lawyer.