Successful legal practices are founded on strong professional competencies.

But more than just knowledge of the law.
High performing lawyers are differentiated by exceptional professional competencies beyond their knowledge of the law.

Fundamental competencies like communication, office systems, and financial management among others are critical to a positive client experience. These areas have also proven to be the root causes of most of the complaints received against lawyers by legal regulators each year.
AvvyPro is a competency management tool for lawyers that goes beyond the law and provides:
  • Over 40 professional objectives for lawyers to assess their legal practice against,
  • Best practice tips and recommendations developed by teams of working lawyers, legal regulators and other professionals,
  • A modern management process and dashboard to make the process fast, efficient and effective for busy lawyers.

I wish they had tools like this when I started my career.

At just $220 for an entire year, calculating the business case for using AvvyPro is simple:
  • Will it improve my clients' experience?
  • Will it save some CLE admin hours each year?
  • Will it reduce the risk of a complaint to my practice?

The answer to all three is an easy “yes” for most lawyers, and at that cost, clear value.

And if at any point you decide to quit, we’ll happily provide a full refund, no questions asked.

The leading continuous core competency tool for lawyers

AvvyPro takes the guesswork out of assessing competency priorities. In less than an hour you’ll have peace of mind with a complete assessment report in hand, and a list of resources to begin strengthening the competencies you've decided need attention.
AvvyPro covers the principles, objectives, best practices and learning resources on:
  • Communications
  • Office systems
  • Financial management
  • Lawyer Wellness
  • Access to Justice
  • Managing workload
  • Time management
  • Avoiding fraud
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Succession planning and more

Legal Firms, Bar Associations, and Regulators

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Boost your core competencies and the confidence that goes with it by starting your priorities assessment.

How it Works

AvvyPro uses a straight forward approach for lawyers to characterize themselves against a proven model of professional competency.
Analyzing the assessment profile, the tool identifies the lawyer's highest priorities and delivers professional learning resources provided by leading regulators, bars, and practicing lawyers.