Your Practice Has Blindspots. Find Them Before They Find You.

Professional blindspots. Every lawyer and legal practice has some. But finding them can be hard, because sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

Get peace of mind by taking a self-managed audit for your legal practice. The tool scans your practice for things that need your attention, and provides you resources to help address them. Simple, easy, and trusted by thousands of lawyers to lower their practice risk.

AvvyPro Legal Practice Audits

Identify blindspots and lower your risk.

Just like looking in the mirror to catch an undone button, a legal practice self-audit runs you through the most important best practices you should be aware of, and lets you pin flags in those requiring your attention.

In fact, a New South Wales study found that lawyers who used comprehensive, self-guided legal practice audits got back a 60% lower risk of regulatory related issues over time. (Source: Office of the NSW Legal Services Commissioner).

AvvyPro offers a suite of self-guided legal practice audits focusing on important areas of professional legal practice. Cyber Security, Wellness, Office Systems and many more. Each audit documents dozens of Professional Objectives and Best Practices used by top performing lawyers, for you to use as reference model for your own practice management. And busy lawyers needn’t worry: the tool’s efficient technology-enhanced process gets you through each module in about the time it takes to eat lunch.

AvvyPro has two plans depending on your needs:

  1. Single-use audits give you a downloadable audit report and 4 week access to the platform’s online learning resources.
  2. Subscribe to the Pro Plan and get continuous access to all audit modules for one affordable monthly price, and year-round access to all learning resources.

Available Audit Modules:

Get the Audits


Purchase any audit for one-time use, and get 4 weeks of access to all audit resources which includes:

  • online Audit Self-Survey
  • Downloadable audit report
  • Personalized CPD Resources List

Continuous Pro Plan

  • access to all practice audits
  • Dynamically updated priorities
  • Personalized CPD Resources List
  • Dynamic Resource Library

Legal Practice Self-Audits – How They Work

AvvyPro’s model of professionalism is the result of over 10 years of working with North American legal regulators and Bars developing professional audit tools for their legal jurisdictions. The audit model focuses on the areas of legal professionalism that are known to hold the most risk to small practice lawyers. This gives lawyers a working model designed for maximum risk reduction in the shortest possible time.

Quality substantive content aside, the audit’s Professional Objectives Framework is also of high value. The Framework was developed to structure the substantive content in a logical way that lets lawyers get through the audit as quickly and painlessly as possible. It keeps the daily work being done in the practice connected to their highest professional aspirations. Many lawyers have expressed appreciation for the framework’s ability to take the otherwise wordy and complex legal professional codes and rules, and deliver them in an easy to consume, common sense format.

Most self-assessments end up in a drawer never to be looked at again. AvvyPro believes if a lawyer is willing to put in the effort required to do a comprehensive assessment of their practice, it should return some utility, a solid return on that investment of their time!

To accomplish this, AvvyPro takes the quantitative scoring data input by a lawyer to create a “Professional Priorities” snapshot. It analyzes and prioritizes the lowest scoring Objectives and Best Practices, so a lawyer can see at a glance where they should be focused. Step one. Then, step two and to close the loop, AvvyPro connects those Professional Priorities to high quality third party resources they can dive into, to build competencies related to their priorities.

And professional self-assessment is never a “one and done” exercise. It is a continuous process, regardless whether a lawyer is in their first year of call, or close to retirement. So AvvyPro was designed and built as a system, a continuous tool that helps lawyers maintain their competitive edge year after year.

AvvyPro comes with an onboard Resource Library containing resources that perfectly align with the sections, Objectives, and Best Practices of each self-audit. The stock library has been hand curated by regulators and working lawyers in multiple jurisdictions, and contains the resources regulators and their professional development teams value most.

AvvyPro’s Resource Library is constantly being updated with the latest resources across a variety of domains – information and cyber security, financial management, and a the critically important area of lawyer wellness.

What Lawyers Who Use This Practice Tool Have To Say

Everyone who uses AvvyPro is anonymous—and because of that confidentiality, we get plenty of honest, direct feedback. See what just a few of the thousands of working lawyers using the tool have to say:

AvvyPro is trusted by legal organizations across Canada and the US