Like athletes, elite professional lawyers are not born. They’re continuously developed.

And also like athletes, lawyers need modern tools to compete and succeed in their field.
One thing the highest performing lawyers show–in addition to their knowledge of substantive law–is exceptional professionalism and the confidence that goes with it.

But exceptional lawyer professionalism is not about memorizing a book of rules, or checking off MCLE hours. Professional confidence comes from a deep understanding of the intended outcomes, or the professional objectives the code supports. Unfortunately, many new lawyers receive a lot of information on the codes and rules, and not enough about the professional objectives those aim to achieve, or, the best practices proven to achieve them.
AvvyPro’s sole purpose is to make achieving a lawyer's professional objectives easier, with:
  • A robust set of objectives to quickly identify priorities,
  • Learning resource lists dynamically generated to address those priorities, and,
  • A modern management dashboard and downloadable reports enabling a lawyer to monitor progress throughout the year, and over an entire career.

I wish they had tools like this when I started my career.

AvvyPro’s $150 subscription business case is low risk for most lawyers:
  • Will it save a few practice admin hours each year?
  • Will it reduce the risk of a complaint to my practice?
  • Will it give me peace of mind knowing what my priorities are?

The answer to all three is an easy “yes” for most lawyers. And if at any point you want to quit, we’ll happily refund the balance of your year’s subscription at any time, no questions asked.

The leading self-assessment platform for lawyers

Take the guesswork out of assessing your professional priorities. In less than 30 minutes you’ll have peace of mind with a full assessment in hand, and a list of resources to begin addressing your priorities.
AvvyPro provides best practices and learning resources on:
  • Communications
  • Office systems
  • Financial management
  • Wellness
  • Access to Justice
  • Managing workload
  • Time management
  • Avoiding fraud
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Succession planning and more

Legal Firms, Associations, and Regulators

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How it Works

AvvyPro uses a simple 1-5 self-assessment scale for lawyers to characterize themselves across a series of professional objectives and supporting best practices. The platform then analyzes the lawyer's assessment profile to identify their highest priorities.
AvvyPro then scans a library of professional learning resources provided by leading regulators, bars, and practicing lawyers, and curates a customized learning list based on the lawyer's individual priorities.
Highly relevant, quality professional development resources tailored exclusively for each lawyer.