Good riddance to the drudgery of legal document generation

The legal profession finds itself amidst a transformation of work, driven by the emergence of new AI players and technology in the field. For some, this technological influx offers respite from the more routine aspects of their practice.

However, for others, it signals stiff competition, given that these routine tasks used to constitute a significant portion of their service value. But don’t fret; it’s never too late to reshape your client offerings.

“Observers expect the legal profession to be among the most heavily affected sectors because of the amount of document-heavy drudge work now done by expensive human lawyers who charge by the hour.”


So if the documents themselves are losing their value (amongst other potential elements of legal work), what should lawyers pivot towards in their value proposition? The one thing that often renders the substantive attributes of many products obsolete: the customer experience.

Lawyers don’t want to hear this, but its true: most clients—that is, people who spend money on things—value the experience of buying that thing over its substance. How else can you explain the prices people pay for the food at Chuck E Cheese? Or the extra time it takes to get a teller instead of using a bank machine?

People crave enjoyment, a sense of being heard, and feeling special and valued, not to mention other important feelings like making progress on and having agency over their matters.

So, who holds the key to unlocking this elusive client experience that would have new legal clients queuing up for more? Is it a consultant? A “client experience guru”? Or perhaps a legal marketing app?

No, none of the above. The ultimate authority on the client experience is…the client.

But here’s the real challenge: clients can be reticent and hesitant, often resorting to falsehoods rather than offering constructive feedback. The workaround? Grant them anonymity and seek their candid opinions about your legal services. That’s when you’ll truly make headway.

So, there you have it—my thoughts for the day. The Globe article mentioned above is a good read and certainly worth your time. If you’re keen on discovering how to glean the unvarnished truth about your legal services from your clients (so you can make them even better), you’re in the right place.

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