Reduce Preventable Complaints In Your Jurisdiction.

Complaints happen, but many are preventable if lawyers raise their professional self-awareness through a legal practice self-audit.

Avvy.Pro—risk management tools for lawyers that can reduce regulatory issues by 60%.

Legal Regulators Know where risk lies – Professional Blindspots

We’ve analyzed volumes of regulatory complaint data, and it’s common knowledge in the regulatory community that the majority of a lawyer’s risk usually has little to do with their knowledge of the law.

Most inquiries or complaints received by legal regulators each year relate to areas of practice management like communications, office systems, or routine professional conduct. Better lawyer awareness would flag these blindspots, and prevent many of these issues.

Imagine a tool specifically designed to address these blindspots. That tool now exists.

Self-awareness of Professional blindspots lowers Regulatory issues

Like a full-body MRI that flags health issues before they become life threatening, this tool serves as a ‘full-practice scan’ for lawyers across 8 key dimensions, enabling them to identify and mitigate risks affecting the long-term health of their legal practice.

Well structured self-audits increase professional self-awareness, leading to fewer complaints. This effect, proven statistically significant in other jurisdictions, has promoted broader use of these tools by regulators. A study in New South Wales found that lawyers who used a self-guided legal practice audit reduced their complaint risk by almost 60%. (Source: Office of the NSW Legal Services Commissioner).

Bar chart showing the difference in complaint rates between lawyers taking a self-assessment and those who haven't.

AvvyPro comes ready to go with an easy to use self-guided legal practice audit covering 8 important principles of professional practice, containing over 40 Professional Objectives and 120 Best Practices developed by working groups from regulatory agencies in multiple jurisdictions.

Regulators can customize any aspects of the content to their jurisdiction’s needs. And even though it’s an incredibly deep body of content, a busy lawyer can get through the self-assessment over lunch.

But the best part for regulators—and in particular their continued professional development (CPD) teams—is that the audit’s quantitative results generate a personalized list of highly relevant learning resources for the lawyer, curated from an onboard Resource Library. It’s like a personally curated professional law library in a box. And, yes, regulators can stock their Resource Library with the localized learning materials they want to deliver to their jurisdiction’s lawyers.

The end result is that the audit tool acts as a gateway your body of CPD resources, connecting lawyers with the resources they need the most right now quickly and efficiently.

Reach out to AvvyPro’s co-founder and CEO Matt Sims for more information and to set up a demo with your team.

Legal Practice Self-Audit – How It Works

AvvyPro’s model of professionalism is the result of over 15 years of working with legal regulators. Our regulatory clients have enlisted us to assist in the development of jurisdictionally tailored audits, and we have compiled the learnings and best content of those into our default model. Of course every regulator will want to customize the audit to their specific needs. But as a starting point, you’ve got access to the diligent work of professionalism committees, regulator task forces, and committees of working lawyers. The value gained by utilizing the work done by your regulatory peers is substantial.

Substantive content aside, the audit’s Professional Objectives Framework is also of high value. This framework was developed to structure the substantive content in a logical way that let’s lawyers consume the audit content as quickly and painlessly as possible. It keeps the daily work being done connected to professional aspirations, helping lawyers stay close to the “why” of what they do each day.

Most professional self-assessments end up in a drawer never to be looked at again. AvvyPro believes if a lawyer is willing to put the effort required into doing a comprehensive assessment of their practice, it should return some utility; a return on that investment of valuable time!

To accomplish this, AvvyPro takes the quantitative scoring data input by the lawyer to create a “Professional Priorities” snapshot. It analyzes and prioritizes the lowest scoring Objectives and Best Practices, so a lawyer can see at a glance where they should be focused. This is step one. Then to close the loop, AvvyPro connects those Professional Priorities to learning resources, to immediately begin building competencies related to the priorities.

Professional self-assessment is never a “one-and-done” exercise. It is a continuous process, regardless whether the lawyer is in their first year of call or close to retirement. So AvvyPro was designed and built as a system, a continuous tool that helps lawyers maintain their edge year after year.

AvvyPro comes with an onboard Resource Library containing resources that perfectly align with the sections, Objectives, and Best Practices of the self-audit. The stock library has been hand curated by the regulatory teams of multiple jurisdictions, and while not all resources will be a fit for every jurisdiction’s needs, it’s a great place to start.

Regulatory staff can continuously curate and add new resources to the library, and because AvvyPro is a dynamic system, new resources are immediately available to lawyers using the system. No web pages to update, no emails to send. Resources are connected directly to the lawyers who need them most.

And AvvyPro provides professional development teams data to see what resources are being used, and which ones aren’t. This gives them solid data for allocating budgets for developing new materials where they’re needed most.

Try out the practice audit. 👉

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