Protect Your Practice From Hackers

Lawyers are desirable targets for hackers and information thieves. There is a lot of confidential information to be had, and unfortunately in many cases, easy to exploit vulnerabilities.

Don’t be an easy target.

Take an Information and Cyber Security Audit for lawyers and protect your practice.

The problem with cyber security is you don’t know what you don’t know. You could hire a security consultant (expensive), become an expert on cyber security yourself (time consuming), or do nothing and hope for the best (risky).

AvvyPro’s Cyber Security Audit for lawyers is fast and easy to get through, gives you a report on what you need to do to shore up your practice’s defenses, and provides a dashboard of resources to help get you started.

And at just $99 the question is, can your practice afford not to take it?

Get the Audits


Purchase any audit for one-time use, and get 4 weeks of access to all audit resources which includes:

  • online Audit Self-Survey
  • Downloadable audit report
  • Personalized CPD Resources List

Continuous Pro Plan

  • access to all practice audits
  • Dynamically updated priorities
  • Personalized CPD Resources List
  • Dynamic Resource Library