The Law Firm Practice Management Assessment Tool was developed by the Law Society of Saskatchewan and is intended to help law firms identify gaps in policies and procedures to manage risk and improve overall practice management.

Volunteer firms participated in a beta launch of the Assessment Tool which was very successful, with the vast majority of firms finding it a valuable experience and time well spent:

“I think this is an excellent Tool and we will be using the questions and our answers in our practice manual and in implementing practices and procedures at the firm”

– Leanne Johnson, Partner at Edge Family Law

“Overall, I enjoyed the experience. I found it quite valuable to review our internal policies and procedures with respect to a number of the items touched on in the assessment and the workbook. It really helped me identify areas for improvement within the firm, which will help the firm drive process management. I think the assessment is a great tool for firms to undertake and reflect on their current processes, which hopefully will drive improvement in all areas.”

– Mark Dolan, Managing Partner at Lakefield LLP

The experiences of these pioneering early firms who used the innovative Tool provided LSS with the opportunity to make improvements for an even better product for all firms going forward.

The roll out of the Assessment Tool occurred over the course of three years, and a majority of the firms in the jurisdiction have now benefited from use of the assessment tool and platform.

The LSS Practice Management Assessment Tool’s program objectives have been met or exceeded, and will continue ongoing for a second 3 year term.