What’s new in AvvyPro

Check out our latest feature releases and improvements.

  • ACCESSIBILITY IMPROVEMENTS: 2023-09-21 [v2.15.34]
    – Updated sections list on respondent dashboard to be more accessible
    – Improved accessibility on errors on the organization registration page
  • ACCESSIBILITY IMPROVEMENTS: 2023-09-10 [v2.15.31]
    – Improved accessibility for response sections
    – Improved accessibility for priority objectives and practices lists on Priorities page
    – Show loading message while loading response
  • NEW FEATURES: 2023-08-31
    – Add knowledge base functionality for end-user documentation
    – Add issue ticketing functionality for end-user support
    – Add online chat functionality for live end-user support
  • ANALYTICS UPDATE: 2023-07-25 [v2.15.30]
    Revert analytics tracking from Google Tags to Google Tag Manager
  • NEW FEATURE: 2023-07-24 [v2.15.29]
    Improve Respondent List search function to search for both lawyer and firm name
  • NEW FEATURES: 2023-06-28 [v2.15.24]
    – Improved PDF formatter to handle more format options
    – Correct Section Report formatting of URLs
    – Changed Section Report viewer dropdown menu to show all sections by default
    – Added search capability on the Respondent List page
    – Add ‘delete response’ feature for staff users
  • STYLING UPDATE: 2023-06-24 [v2.15.17]
    Improved data downloader styling
  • NEW FEATURE: 2023-06-24 [v2.15.16]
    Added new component to enable data download feature
  • ANALYTICS UPDATE: 2023-05-09 [v2.14.8]
    Adjust bar chart table calculation values
  • FUNCTIONALITY IMPROVEMENT: 2023-04-03 [v2.13.14]
    – Accommodate user inputting a search start date after inputting end date
    – Adjust search end date to cover full day regardless of time
  • FUNCTIONALITY IMPROVEMENT: 2023-03-28 [v2.13.13]
    Add handler to accommodate user inputting a search end date before the start date
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT: 2023-02-13 [v2.13.9]
    Refactor app states to improve load speeds
  • ANALYTICS UPDATE: 2023-02-01 [v2.12.26]
    Optimize total number of Priority Objectives rendered
  • ACCESSIBILITY IMPROVEMENT: 2023-01-31 [v2.12.25]
    Complete final round of accessibility updates (WCAG Level A)
  • ACCESSIBILITY IMPROVEMENT: 2023-01-22 [v2.12.6]
    – Improve contrast on hover state of white buttons (WCAG Level A)
    – Fix button hover and focus states (WCAG Level A)
  • ACCESSIBILITY IMPROVEMENT: 2023-01-04 [v2.11.0]
    Round 2 of a11y updates (WCAG Level A)
  • ACCESSIBILITY IMPROVEMENT: 2022-12-07 [v2.9.32]
    Update all page titles (WCAG Level A)