AvvyPro is on a mission to make it easier for lawyers to reduce risk and improve professional performance. To do that, we need to ensure that your data is secure and your confidentiality is protected. We recognize this as one of our most important responsibilities to you as a user of our platform, and we’re committed to transparency and diligence in how we achieve it.


AvvyPro is hosted and secured on Google Cloud Infrastructure. Google’s security systems and infrastructure provide the world’s most secure environment for running business applications and handling sensitive data.
Google Cloud Infrastructure provides:
  • The best expert security design teams on the planet
  • Data center physical security, including access cards, alarms, vehicle access barriers, perimeter fencing, metal detectors, biometrics and, yes, laser beam intrusion detection
  • Military-grade AES256 bit encryption for all data at rest
  • TLS/SSL security for all client network connections to Google Cloud Services
  • Google Cloud Platform is ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified. These are international certifications related to practices to protect information (such as personal information and data)
For more information than you’ll probably ever need about how Google Cloud Infrastructure keeps our data safe, click here: Google Cloud Infrastructure Security


AvvyPro does not share or provide access to its data to anyone, and no personally attributable data is ever shared or made available to anyone but the person who provided it.
We understand that the relationship between lawyers, legal service organizations and the other stakeholders in the profession is complex, and that anonymity and confidentiality are paramount if the voice of the profession is to be heard and respected. Aggregate self-assessment and survey data provides vital insights into the real-time needs of lawyers, and anonymized aggregate reporting gives evidence-based support for programs, policy and regulatory change that keep the entire profession healthy and independent.