How can lawyers select clients to avoid conflicts?

Avoiding conflicts starts with selecting the right types of clients, and knowing which ones to avoid.

August 20, 20211 min read

AvvyPro's Best Practice 6(a) states: "Satisfy yourself that your representation of a client does not create risk of the representation being materially and adversely affected by your own interests, your duties to another client, or a third person."

Lawyers can ensure they consider all of these conditions by adding them to a prospective new client checklist that explicitly encourages them think about and check off each before engaging with a new legal client.

This best practice supports the successful achievement of AvvyPro's Professional Objective-6 for lawyers: "All necessary steps and communications are taken before accepting retainers with identified conflicts."

You can assess yourself against this best practice and others that support this objective. Check out section 1 of the professional self-assessment for lawyers at the link below (free registration).

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