Clients talk about the experience they had with their lawyer.

Yours are no exception. And if you want them talking highly about it, approach understanding that experience professionally.
That means:
  • Give them an easy and comfortable (ie. online & anonymous) means of providing structured feedback.
  • Handle the resulting feedback data professionally, and make it clear their contribution will inform future improvement to your services.
  • Do it methodically and continuously. Every client, every matter.

Clients also talk about lawyers who use AvvyPro. Glowingly.

If happier clients sounds good, then the business case for using a tool like this in your practice should be simple:

  1. Is there value in improving the experience and happiness clients have with your services?
  2. Is there value in reducing risk to your practice?
  3. Is that value worth more than $280?

Even by conservative estimates, the answer for most lawyers should be a straightforward "yes" to all. The more relevant question is – should you afford not to use it?

Happier clients any way you look at it.

Authentically asking clients how they feel about their experience with your legal service demonstrates you care.
There are two likely scenarios when asking for feedback:

  • It wasn't a perfect experience, but they're immediately happier you cared enough to ask, and they'll identify what could have been better.
    The outcome? You get a happier client, and valuable information on how to improve your service the next time.
  • It was a great experience, and now it's even better because you cared enough to ask, and they'll highlight the bright spots in your service delivery.
    The outcome? You get a happier client, and valuable competitive information and testimonials to better market your legal practice.

Either way, the result of authentically and professionally asking your client how they feel about your service is going to be...a happier client.

Start now

It's easy and fast. Here's how it works:
  1. Get your personal "lawyername" survey link. Takes less than 2 minutes.
  2. Put that link in front of your clients requesting their anonymous feedback. Email signatures, webpage, invoices, texts. Remember; they'll love that you cared enough to ask!
  3. Watch that client data come into your dashboard, and hear the true heartbeat of your clients' experience.

Bonus: AvvyPro also happens to be the leading practice audit tool for lawyers.

Along with making your clients happier, AvvyPro is a tool that reduces risk to your practice. Professional self-assessment practice audits have proven to significantly reduce risk to lawyers who use them, over those who don't. In no time you’ll have more peace of mind with a complete practice audit report in hand, and a personalized list of learning resources focusing on the practice areas you've decided need attention.
AvvyPro efficiently walks you through legal professional principles, objectives, best practices and then delivers you personalized learning resources on:
  • Communications
  • Office Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Lawyer Wellness
  • Access to Justice
  • Managing Workload
  • Time Management
  • Avoiding Fraud
  • Maintaining Confidentiality
  • Succession Planning and more

A legal practice audit tool like this may seem unfamiliar. But that's what makes it special. Because lawyers using it regularly alongside monitoring their client's experience will stand apart from those that don't, and in today's legal market, competitive advantage is essential.

Legal Firms, Bar Associations, and Regulators

Do you support a community of lawyers?

We work with legal organizations, committees and task forces to deliver programs and resources to help lawyers become more data driven and reduce risk to their legal practice and clients. In other worlds, AvvyPro is a tool that helps you fulfill your mandate.
Contact us at for more information on how to get started.